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Audit Committee Whistleblower Procedures
Contact the Board
Tel: 1.855.650.0998
Mail: Chair of the Audit Committee
Uni-Select, Inc.
170 Industriel Blvd.
Boucherville QC J4B 2X3

The Board of Directors believes that communication with shareholders is an important part of the governance process and encourages shareholders to express their views.

Shareholders may use email, phone or written correspondence to communicate with the Board on governance matters.

The Corporation has a policy in place with regard to Audit Committee whistle blower procedures. This Policy describes the process for the receipt and handling of complaints and the retention of complaint files with respect to the Corporation’s accounting, internal accounting controls and auditing matters.

The Audit Committee has the responsibility to provide for the confidential and anonymous submission of concerns relating to accounting or auditing matters. The procedures are intended to fulfil these responsibilities and to ensure that any such complaints and concerns are promptly and effectively addressed.

For matters unrelated to the Board, please visit the Contact Us section to access contact information.